A new dawn...

Welcome to PureGreen

A long time ago I created a layout called bluesky 2.0, whilst it looked very nice, there where a lot of problems with it, and it had difficulty working in other browsers. Well after a few months, I created a much nicer layout which was named BlueSky 3.0, this is that layout, but with a different colour scheme (and new name)!

This layout features some nice rounded corners which you'll find are created by css, with no images involved, infact this is a 100% image free layout - minimum file size, maximum inpact! Just make sure to look at the comments inside the html file... and follow the instructions :)


Here are some examples of what forms will look like, along with both numbered and bulleted lists:

  • Here is an
  • example of a
  • simple list
  1. Here ia a
  2. second example
  3. of a list



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